Environmental Parameter Assessment

Compliance Enviro Services is a diversified organization established in 2013 operating in Bangladesh. We provide a comprehensive range of professional services with highest standard & accuracy in Ambient air emission, Stack Emission/Point source Emission, Indoor work place air emission, Temperature, Humidity and noise pollution assessment, engineering control, Environmental Monitoring and OHSE policy development.

Stack & Air Emission for Generator

We assess the O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2 from the stack point to evaluate the effect of the plants emission while running on 100% natural gas/diesel on the air environment by “Testo 350 Flue Gas Analyzer” which is first in our hand in Bangladesh.

Stack & Air Emission for Boiler

We assess the O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2 from the stack point to evaluate the effect of the plants emission while running on 100% natural gas/diesel on the air environment by“Testo 350 Flue Gas Analyzer” which is first in our hand in Bangladesh

Noise Level Measurement

It is very important to measure the sound level inside the manufacturing process area and in the ambient area. A digital sound level meter is used to measure Sound Level in dBA.

Temperature & Humidity Measurement

It is very important to measure the temperature & humidity level inside the manufacturing process area to ensure the comfort environment for the employees.

A digital “HT-3006A humidity/temperature meter” is used to measure the temperature Level in degree Celsius &humidity level in RH%.

Light Level Measurement

It is very important to measure the light level intensity inside the manufacturing process area to ensure the visual level for the employees for ensuring to get lighting score for FCCA Audit (Factory Capability and Capacity Assessment) for Wal-Mart, ASDA, George and others customers. A “LX-101Alight meter” is used to measure the Illumination Level quality in Lux and Food Candle also.

We verify and compare our collected data and samples with ECR 1997, BNBC 2006, IFC (International Finance Corporation) general EHS Guidelines, WHO and DoE standards. The report is delivered to the client within 4 days from the date of assessment.

Lighting Score

Based on FCCA audit for Wal-Mart, George, ASDA, Lighting score is very important. More than 70 score out of whole assessment. We will assist it and ensure your full score at your facility.

Ambient Air Quality

Bangladesh is earning substantial amount of foreign currency by exporting industrial products. These industries are Textile dyeing & Washing, Garments, Ceramics, Cement, etc. These industries involve with environment pollution and require environmental clearance from DOE under ECA 1995 & ECR 1997. A test conducted on Ambient Air Quality is required for these industries as a part of EIA study to achieve the Environmental clearance certificate from the Department of Environment (DoE).

A High volume Respirable Dust Sampler (APM 460 DXNL) & A Gaseous Attachment (APM 411TE) is used to calculate the ambient air parameters like SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter), CO, SO2, NOx, NH3, Ozone etc.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Bangladesh enacted EIA legislation in 1995 and EIA rules in 1997. Today, all major donor agencies working in Bangladesh have their own EIA guidelines.

Compliance Enviro Services plays a proactive role in safeguarding our environment by offering a wide range of tests to ensure environmentally friendly products and services. We also encourage industries to make environmental management planning an integral part of their regular operations.

We ensure it to determine how your business activities are affecting your local community and on the wider environment.

You can benefit from our state-of-the-art laboratory and monitoring facilities. For a detailed assessment of your environmental performance, Our experienced technicians have the experience to offer innovative solutions to any challenges facing your organization. We offer you guidance and assistance in complying with environmental regulations and in reducing your impact on the environment.

A group of Environmental specialist is engaged in study of the project area and they assess the required environmental parameters as a part of the EIA study. The report in standard format is delivered within 5 days from the date of assessment which pages are more than 90 pages.

LEED Certified Project consultancy

Set a clear environmental target. Before you begin the design phase of your project, decide what level of LEED certification you are aiming for and settle on a firm overall budget. Also consider including an optional higher certification target -- a "stretch" goal - to stimulate creativity.

Set a clear and adequate budget Higher levels of LEED certification, such as Platinum, do require additional expenditure and should be budgeted for accordingly.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audits are tools which can quantify an organisational environmental performance and position There are three main types of audits which are environmental compliance audits, environmental management audits to verify whether an organisation meets its stated objectives, and, functional environmental audits such as for water and electricity.

What are their benefits?

Benefits vary depending on the objectives and scope of the audit. Environmental auditing benefits include: Organisations understand how to meet their legal requirements; Meeting specific statutory reporting requirements; Organisations can demonstrate they are environmentally responsible; Organisations can demonstrate their environmental policy is implemented; Understanding environmental interactions of products, services & activities, Knowing their environmental risks are managed appropriately; Understanding how to develop and implement an ISO 14001 EMS; and Improving environmental performance and saving money.

We have plan to set up independents Laboratory for Drinking and Wastage Test, waiting to get approval from govt.. Following service being ensured from third party icddr,b BUET & Public Health Engineering (DPHE) at the moment

Physical & Aggregate Properties


Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)

Total Hardness ( as CaCo3)

Inorganic Non-metallic Constituents


Dissolved Oxygen (DO)








Microbiological Test

Total coliform

Faecal coliform

Waste Water


Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BPD)

Waste Water

ETP Water Test